The Affair ContinuesPart 2

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The Affair ContinuesPart 2

From last time: She stretched and touched her breasts and belly with a smile. She lay there thinking of what it was going to be like later. She heard the shower go off and the curtain part. She rolled over and cuddled the pillows underneath her as she watched Bill dry off. She looked at the broad shoulders and large chest. She watched the hands that just pleasured her. She watched them glide over his body and wished it were hers. She wanted to touch him. She looked at his loins and thought about feeling it inside her. It had been such a long time since she had really felt him inside of her. She couldn’t wait until later, but knew she had to if they were ever going to get to the opera in time.)

She got up and rinsed herself off, and rewet her long curly hair. She finished getting ready without much delay.

Twenty minutes later Teri is standing in front of the mirror in their room giving herself the final once over to make sure everything is just right. She is wearing a classic black dress, like the one Audrey Hepburn wore in ’Breakfast at Tiffany’s’. (This was a matinee performance, so she chose a simpler dress to a more formal long gown that one would were to an evening performance.) It showed off her trim waistline and ample breasts without revealing anything. She knew Bill liked that in an outfit. She thought about pulling her long dark curls up into a French twist, but thought that Bill would prefer it down. She knew he liked her long hair. Instead, she only pulled up the front and crown. She left a few stray strands hanging down framing her pretty face. This also gave her the illusion of more height. Being 5’4’, she felt very self-conscious next to her 6’ husband.

She was just putting on her lipstick when Bill walked in and said she wasn’t dressed yet. She wondered what he could have meant by that. Standing behind her, he reached around in front of her neck draping a strand of pearls for display. ’Happy anniversary,’ he said to her as he clasped them around her neck. He kissed her neck lightly.

Pearls, she thought. He never buys her jewelry, or at least he hasn’t in the past. She was delighted with them. She turned around and kissed him and thanked him for them.

’They’re lovely.’

’You told me once when I thought you didn’t want jewelry that if I bought you jewelry, you would wear it.’ ’They look nice with your black dress.’

Teri draped a black lace shawl across her shoulders and was ready to go.

The opera was everything she had expected it to be. Moving. Thrilling. So much passion, she thought. It was simply beautiful. She thought about everything going on in the world and thought that if only people would look to the fine arts instead of hating each other the world would be a better place.

The music evoked such sadness in her, and at the same time joy. She thought about how lonely she felt the last few years, and yet here she was with the man she loved wrapped up in all of the emotions the afternoon had to offer her.

After the opera, Bill had one thing on his mind, his need for his wife. He was hungry for food, but he sexual appetite was greater. Tonight he was going to get what he had waited for, long for so long. Tonight he was going to have what was rightfully his.

He drove home as quickly as he could without breaking too many of the laws. He drove with purpose, with a mission. As he drove, he watched his beautiful wife beside him. She was thumbing through the pages of the program booklet and reading about bokep sma pecah perawan all of the singers. The evening sun had given her long dark curls reddish highlights. It looked almost like the velvety texture of a burgundy colored rose. How he loved her hair. He had often wished that they had a little girl with long curl auburn hair like hers.

He watched her reading. Saw her full lips. He watched her as she mouthed the names of the opera singers to herself. He liked to watch her lips. Those beautiful lips as smooth as grapes and as /sweet/">sweet as wine. He couldn’t wait to partake of their sweetness.

He thought about the day he married her; eighteen years ago today and still just a lovely and sexy as the day he married her. He was amazed that after all this time she was still with him. He wondered why she married him and why she stayed. She could have married anyone and she chose him with all of his insecurities and quirks.

He glanced down to her breasts. God he loved her breasts. They were so full and round and voluptuous. They were his. He had already tasted them once today and couldn’t wait to get her home to taste them again. Just thinking about it made him hard.

He pulled into the driveway just as he thought he couldn’t wait any longer. He got out of the car and went around to the other side to help his wife of eighteen years get out of the car. He took her hand, looked into her big brown eyes, lean her against the car and kissed her full and fervently on the lips. Her breasts crushed into him. His growing manhood crushed into her. Teri could feel his want through his pants.

They went into the house and stopped in the living room. They continued the kiss hungrily with their arms wrapped around each other. Bill scooped Teri up into his arms and he continued kissing her up the stairs. He laid her down gently on their bed, mouths still locked, arms caught in the embrace. Their tongues explored one another’s mouths tasting each other. Their passion was mounting.

Bill worked on taking his jacket off as he continued kissing her. Teri helped him and started to unbutton his shirt. He got his jacket off and pulled his shirttail out of his pants. Teri worked at the belt buckle, button and zipper. He stood up and lowered his pants and briefs freeing his throbbing manhood. Teri grabbed his member and went to work sucking it. She started licking it at first, but then Bill, who was more than ready, forced her mouth onto it. She tongued it and worked her full smooth lips back and forth on it. She relaxed her throat and took his entire shaft in her mouth. She felt his balls push up against her face. Her mouth was warm and moist. She skillfully began to slowly work the length of his shaft in and out of her mouth. As she moved it out of her mouth, her tongue licked the back of his head right in the sensitive area. He had missed this. She was well accomplished at pleasing him this way. He moved her hair away so that he could watch her as she mouthed his organ. He liked to watch her work. It added to the excitement. Her mouth was so beautiful wrapped around his organ. Her lips were so ripe and luscious. In and out, her hands kept it at a steady pace.

He grabbed the hair in the back of her head and began to move her head a little more quickly across his shaft. She felt so good. He wanted to bang his member right into the back of her head, but he must settle down and wait. He didn’t want to come, not just yet. He had other plans still. He wanted to last for her.

He pushed her shoulders back causing his manhood to pull out of her mouth suddenly. It made a popping sound as it came out.

He extended a hand to her. She took it and rose from the bed. He kissed her full on the lips. Then turned her around and unzipped her dress. He parted the back and kissed her back near the shoulders. He noticed the lace teddy she was wearing underneath and smiled. He was going to have fun with this.

He dropped her dress to the floor and helped her step out of it. She turned to face him and unbuttoned the rest of his shirt. She slowly removed the shirt from his massive shoulders. He had large square shoulders that she loved. She felt safe, protected by those strong shoulders.

She stretched up a little to meet his lips. His kiss was soft and gentle, but passionate and wanting. It firmly conveyed his need, his desire to have her.

He kissed her neck, parted her hair and dropped one of her straps off of her small shoulder. He kissed her shoulder. Teri nearly melted under his kisses. He worked his way to the other shoulder and removed that strap. His kisses sent tingles deep within her core. Teri reached her arm up to run her fingers through his hair. His thick hair curled around her slender fingers. She loved his hair. Their boys had his hair. Bill was one of the few men left in his family who didn’t have a receding hairline.

Bill took hold of her shoulders and spun her around. He wanted to look at her face, her beautiful face. Her face was just as beautiful as it was the day he married her, 18 years ago. He looked into her big brown eyes. Her long lashes curled around into her eyelids. He could see the world through her eyes. It was a beautiful world. Her eyes evoked tenderness and mercy, and love. She truly loved him. He could see it in her eyes.

Teri looked deep into Bill’s ice blue eyes. This was the man whom she had married. This was the man whose children she bore. This was the man she loved. This was her soul mate. She had always loved his blue eyes. One look into his eyes would tell her what was on his mind, or at least what mood he was in. When he was angry, his eyes turned a dark smoldering shade of green, and when he laughed, his eyes were as blue as the sea on a clear day. They were one of the features that attracted her to him first.

They looked into each other’s eyes for what seemed like an eternity, but was in /reality/">reality only a few seconds. Long enough though for them to mentally tell each other they loved each other. That they still loved each other today, just as much as they did all those years ago, if not more.

Again their lips met in a passionate embrace. Each one was hungry for the other one’s kiss. As they kissed, Bill fell on top of Teri on the bed. He began to explore her body with his hands. He reached down to her breasts and felt them through the lace. He found the nipple of one and gave it a tweak between his fingers. Then he went on to manipulate the other one. Teri thought she was going to explode with passion. She was quickly becoming aroused between the deep kissing and his explorations. She could feel the crotch of her teddy becoming wet.

Bill broke off the kiss and moved down to her chest. As he moved down to her chests, he planted light kisses down her neck and shoulders. Again sending shivers down Teri’s spine.

The bust of Teri’s black lace teddy was laced together with a thin black ribbon. Bill smiled at Teri as he undid her bow and began loosening the laces and pulling apart the two sides that pulled her breasts together. He ran a finger down her breastbone. His touch sent shockwaves throughout her body. He leaned in and kissed her in between her breasts and inhaled her perfume, Eternity. Its scent was intoxicating. He reached in and freed her left breast. He kissed it lightly at first, and then more hungrily. He took her nipple in between his thumb and forefinger and rolled it. Teri moaned softly. Then he took it in his mouth and tasted it. It was warm and soft, but quickly became hard in his mouth. He sucked it and pulled on it lightly, then released it from his mouth. Her nipple stood straight up about an inch. Then, he moved in on the right breast and released it from the confines of her teddy. He knew this was the more sensitive breast. He cupped it as he kissed it and toyed with it before zeroing in on the nipple. He took her nipple and mashed it lightly between his fingers, then took it into his mouth. Ever so lightly, he ran his tongue over the top of it.

’Ooooh,’ old waman xxxgx a slight moan escaped her lips.

He sucked on it while he cupped and held her left breast. Teri was beginning to writhe underneath him. She was becoming increasingly aroused. He knew if he kept this up, he could make her come simply by manipulating her breasts. Tonight, she will be in /ecstasy/">ecstasy many times, he thought to himself.

He moved back to her left breast and sucked on it, then to her right. He continued to move back and forth a few times, and then he pushed them both together and licked across the tops of both nipples in one continuous movement. Back and forth, he moved his tongue licking both of them. He knew this turned Teri on.

Moaning continuously now, Teri burned with desire. She wanted him, needed him now more than she had ever needed him.

He stopped and stared at his beautiful wife for a few minutes. She smiled back at him quite happily.

Bill got up and moved down to the foot of the bed and to her feet. He kissed her lightly up her leg to her thigh. She was wearing thigh highs. Teri bent her knee and Bill hooked his thumbs under the lace band of the hose and pulled it down revealing her silky legs and painted toenails. She must have painted them for this occasion. He moved over to her other leg and repeated the same tender kissing and removed the other thigh high. He stared at her bare legs for a second. She had the most beautiful legs he had ever seen on a woman. She had been very active in sports when she was younger and had very shapely legs. Her legs were slender but with well-proportioned curves. He smiled at them remembering how she liked to wrap them around him when they were making love and pull him deeper into her. Just the thought of it made his manhood twitch with delight. He kissed her leg up to her thighs. Then he kissed down the other thigh and inside her thighs, parting them a bit.

Already he could smell the smell of her arousal. He knew he was getting her worked up. You won’t have to wait much longer, my darling, he thought to himself.

He moved to her mound and kissed her lightly through the lace fabric of her teddy. He smelled her sex scent. Hooking a finger inside the crotch of her teddy, her played with her lightly. Teri squirmed a little. The fabric was already damp with her juices. Then he unhooked the hooks on her crotch one by one until the bottom of her teddy was open to him. He flipped the top part up revealing her well-maintained mound. She kept it trimmed for him knowing how her hair irritated his member. He touched her lightly. She was already moist. He parted her lips with a finger. They glistened with her love juice. He ran a finger slowly around her lips. Teri let out a soft moan. He stroked her perineum. That too was damp. He dipped his finger in slightly and pulled it out. Another moan escaped Teri’s lips. He traced his damp finger up to her clit and rubbed it gently. He didn’t want to get her too excited, not yet anyway. He traced his finger around her labia and then down her perineum again. Then inserted his finger into her wetting it more and traced around her labia some more. He continued this pattern of dipping his finger and tracing around the folds and down her perineum a few more times. He knew this was arousing his wife. She was a sex kitten and loved to be toyed with like this.

Then he became a little more serious. He remembered how he had brought her pleasure earlier in the day. He penetrated his finger deep this time. ’Ooooh,’ Teri moaned. Then pulled it out, and dipped it in again. Each time he dipped it in, he went a little deeper. He had large fingers and he knew how to satisfy his wife. He knew just where he spots where and just how she liked to be touch. Then he dipped a second finger in. Teri’s moaning became louder.

He brought his mouth down to her mound. He could really smell her now. He knew it wouldn’t be long before she exploded. He kissed her mound and worked his way to her labia lips, all the while sawing at her pussy with two fingers. He brought his fingers out and tasted her. He planned on doing a lot more than just simple tasting before he was all done. He licked her folds and then began to lap at her womanhood.

Teri was moaning out loud now and squirming and thrashing.

Bill went back to one finger inside her and began moving his finger more rapidly in and out of her. He hooked his finger around and found the fleshy part inside her he knew would drive her /crazy/">crazy. Teri began to buck her hips wildly. Bill stuck his tongue inside her and began to lap up everything he could. Teri grabbed the bedspread and clung to it as she rolled her head back and forth. She was breathing more heavily now and was on the brink of desire.

Bill reached up with his free hand and fondled one of her breasts.

Teri screamed out in utter delight.

Bill found her clit with his mouth and closed his mouth on it.

’OOOHHHHHHHH!!!!’ Teri was really yelling now. Bill knew she was close.

He sucked her clit and rubbed it with his tongue. Again he stuck his finger deep inside her then hooked around and found her spot. That was it. Teri exploded in an earth-shattering wave of passion.

’Ooooohhhhhh, Bbbbiilllllll! I’mmmmm cccccummmmmmiiiiinnnnnngggggg!!!!!’ She cried out.

Teri’s juices spilled out all over Bill’s fingers. His mouth was right there to lick all of it up. He continued his manipulations with his finger, sawing at her for all she was worth.

Wave after wave of orgasms came crashing down on her. Teri was in sexual paradise. She grabbed his hair and pushed his head into her. She ground her womanhood into his face bucking her hips wildly like a bronco.

Seeing his wife get off was stirring him up again. He withdrew his finger from her and lapped up all of the juices that she had to offer him.

Slowly, steadily, Teri began to calm down. Her screaming turned to soft moans and her breathing started to regulate.

However, Bill wasn’t going to let her rest. He sat up and quickly got off the bed. He reached for Teri and pulled her up. It was time for the teddy to come off and for him to see his wife in all of her heavenly glory. He helped her pull the teddy down and let it drop to the floor.

My God my wife is beautiful, he thought. She is 37 almost 38 years old and still just as fine as she can be. Her 36C breasts were round, firm and very voluptuous. Her stomach was as firm and tight as it was the day he married her, even after carrying two sons in there. Her hips were well proportioned. He turned her around so he could have a look at her perfect arse. He loved its perfect, cupid shape. Nice and round and perfect for grabbing hold off. He could feel the yearning in his loins just by staring at her.

He went around to the other side of the bed and helped her pull back the covers. Then he walked back around to her side of the bed. All the while never taking his eyes off of hers. When he reached her, he kissed her deeply on the lips. Then searching her eyes as if to say, ’Are you ready?’ he pushed her gently back into the bed.

He laid down on top of her between her legs. He kissed her again passionately to get her juices flowing again and to make sure she was ready to receive him. He felt more than ready to have her. He placed his member at her entrance and then kissed her. His hands met hers and he brought them together over her head. He continued kissing her deeply, passionately, and entered her in one swift movement. She felt warm and inviting. After 18 years together they certainly didn’t need any introduction. She accepted all 8 inches of him into her. He felt her muscles envelope his shaft in her. She felt tight.

Bill rose up and came almost out of her and then slammed into her again. He felt his head hit the entrance to her womb. Oh, it had been such a long time. He felt alive again. He felt like he could slam his cock right through her cervix into her womb. He had made her come once tonight and he was determined that he was going to make her come like she had never come before.

Teri felt him hit her cervix, and felt the passion in his kiss. It had been a long time since Bill had made her feel like this. She felt like she had when they were trying to get her pregnant with her first son. She felt so loved by him, so wanted by her husband. She wrapped her legs around him and pulled him in closer to her.

Bill loved the feeling of her legs wrapped around him. She had power in her legs. She had possessed him. He came up almost out of her again and slammed back into her. Teri moaned and brought her hips up to meet his thrusts.

Bill continued to jack hammer into his wife for about 20 minutes. Teri matched each thrust into her. They were two sex-crazed animals. It was pure hormonal lust. Teri wanted her husband as much as he wanted his wife.

Bill could feel the heat in Teri rising. Teri stopped and pushed her hands against Bills shoulders signaling him to stop. It was her turn to do some riding. Bill got off of her and Teri quickly got up on her knees, turned around and pushed Bill down greedily to the bed. She moved around and climbed on top of him. Bill pulled her down to him and hungrily took a breast in his mouth. He sucked on it, then took the other one and did the same. Teri loved when he sucked on her breasts in the middle of sex.

Teri gyrated her groin around his member and then pushed herself on him. Bill clasped her hands and then straightened his arms pushing her up. Teri moved up almost coming off of his member and then came back down on top of him. She pushed her self down in such a manner that she could feel his member sliding across her clit. She leaned over and kissed him full on the lips, then returned to the task at hand. She moved herself up and down his shaft each time quickening the pace.

She could hear his breathing getting heavier. Bill was starting to moan softly. She knew he was getting close. She continued to ride him. Up and down she went like a bucking bronco.

She arched her back and leaned back a little grinding herself on his shaft some more. Teri started to moan.

Bill watched her. He loved to see the expressions on her face. There was a sense of concentration on her face and yet there was a sense of sheer delight. He watched her breasts bounce up and down as she moved up and down on his cock. He reached up and began to squeeze and fondle her breasts. They were both close to coming.

Their moans became louder and louder and began to synchronize. Teri leaned forward and grabbed hold of his shoulders.

’’Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh’’ Teri kept repeating.

’OOHHH! Ttteerrrrrieeeeeee!!!!’ Bill screamed. Teri felt his cock thicken inside her. Teri went up and slammed herself down on top of him. She could feel his balls slap her in the arse. She felt him slam into her womb. Bill grabbed hold of Teri and held her down on top of him. Bill was overcome with the sensations of a thundering orgasm.

Teri could feel pulse in his cock buried deep inside of her. Teri was screaming out at the top of her lungs in sexual bliss. Teri was overwhelmed by the mountainous orgasm that was ripping through her body. She felt like her eyes were rolling back into her head. Every part of her body tingled.

Bill continued to blast his seeds deep into his wife’s womb. He cried out with every spurt. Teri began squeezing and contracting her muscles milking every last drop of fluid out of his shaft.

Oooohhhhh, it had been such a long time since they had agreed with so much bliss.

Slowly, both Teri and Bill began to come back to earth. Teri collapsed on Bill’s chest and kissed him there. ’I love you,’ he said softly. ’I love you, too.’ She returned. She kissed him on the lips.

Teri rolled off of her husband and lay in his arms beside him. He kissed her on the forehead, then on the lips when she reached up to him. His kiss was gentle at first, but then turned more passionate. He had felt young and alive tonight. He had fallen in love with his wife all over again and he wasn’t about to let her rest. Tonight he was a sex crazed animal and felt the lust surge up in his loins once again.

He pushed her up and made her get up on all fours. Then he grabbed her arse and gave it a light smack. ’Ouch! What was that for?!’ Teri yelled. ’Because you have been a /girl/bad-girl/">bad girl!’ Bill said and he smiled at her. Bill patted and kissed her arse, and rubbed her vagina. Their mixed juices were running out of her lips. Teri wiggled it her arse playfully. Bill was being an insatiable tiger tonight.

It had been a long while since Bill had felt like playing with her this way.

He took hold of his member and rubbed it up and down her clit. He lined it up and rammed it home. Semen squished out of her and ran down her legs. ’Somebody’s awfully wet down here,’ he said. He pulled almost all the way out and then rammed it all the way back on her. All 8 inches of him ran in and hit her cervix. He knew Teri like it this way; she could feel him hit her womb. And he liked holding on to her hips and arse. He reached up and grabbed her breasts. Teri moaned.

He continued ramming into her for all she was worth. It had been a long time since she had made him feel like this. He felt young again. He felt alive again. He felt like he could ram his cock all the way through into her womb.

It was pure animal lust and Teri knew it. It had been a long time since Bill had been this sex crazed. Every time he hit her cervix, he hit a nerve and sent shivers down her spine. Teri moved her hips along with his hands and ground herself against him. She could feel his balls slapping her in the arse.

Bill slammed into Teri like a stallion around a mare in heat. He had already made her scream out in passion and desire a few times tonight and he was going to make her scream out again.

Teri’s eyes felt like they were going to pop out of her head. Twice in one night? She thought. He hadn’t been this way with her since they were newlyweds. Back then they would go at each other two to three times a day minimum. Now she was lucky if she got the obligatory once a month. She could count the number of times they had made love this year on one hand. She thought back to when they were first married. The feelings, the emotions that were conveyed during sex. It was /raw/">raw animalistic lust. Just thinking about all of that made her emotions surge. She could feel the tides rising up within her. She started moaning out again.

Bill was getting close too. He could feel the familiar swell building up in his cock. He reached up and grabbed her breasts again and squeezed them roughly this time. Then he grabbed hold of her arse and went about slamming it home.

Teri felt the pulse building up in Bill again. She felt his manhood tensing up.

’Ahhhhhhhh! Oh, Baby!’ Bill was crying.

Feeling Bill blast another load deep within her put Teri over the edge. She screamed out in another earth-shattering orgasm as the tidal waves ripped through her body again for the second time while they were making love tonight.

’Oh, baby!’ Bill said again sounding a little out of breath this time.

’You made me feel like a young man again tonight.’

Teri collapsed on the bed, tired but very satisfied. Her husband that she married had come back to her. She smiled to herself and thought about how happy she felt at that very moment. She wished she could freeze time at that very moment.

Bill collapsed in the bed and crawled up next to Teri. She turned to her side and the two of them spooned together in Bill’s arms.

’I love you!’ Bill whispered into her ear. Teri smiled to herself and said, ’I love you too, Bill.’

Bill gave a little chuckle and said ’That was /best/best-sex/the-best-sex/">the best sex I have had in a long time!’ ’We should do that more often.’

If only, Teri thought to herself, and drifted off to sleep blissfully in her husband’s arms.

To be continued’.