My Maid 2

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My Maid 2

The new day arrived, and my parents were already at work when I woke up. After checking that both my brothers were also out for the whole day, I went for my breakfast.

I went to the kitchen and saw Niki doing my brothers' and parents' dishes.

"Hey Nikki darling..." I called my maid just before I hugged her tight from the back.

"Uhmm... Darling, morning..."She moaned.

After hearing how intimate she was, my dick got hard. I moved my hands higher to her petite tits and grabbed them hard.That was when I found out she was already waiting for me, because she had no bra on.

"Hm... No, wait... Have your breakfast first... I want to get fucked till we drop..."

I thought about it, and she was right. I released my hands and pulled her shorts to see if she had any panties on. And I was so glad she didn't have.

I went to my seat and have my cereal. Halfway through, Nikki came and sat beside me, on my left.

"Hey, darling Gordon... I want some dessert now..."Nikki asked with her hands caressing my thighs.

I nodded my head without thinking and pulled my boxer off. Then I continued with my cereal as Nikki stroked my dick until it got hard again.

"Mmffff... Slurrp..."Nikki let out as she kissed and licked my balls.

She got to the tip of my dick and started sucking it. She placed her right hand on my balls and caressed it.

"Hm... Yesh... Deeper in darling..."I moaned as I enjoyed my breakfast, blowjob porn videos massage and Nikki's dessert.

"Sure darling... Mmff..."Nikki began to get my dick into her mouth.

But she stopped halfway and moved my dick in and out. Her tongue was eagerly slapping my dick.

I quickly finished my cereals and pushed Nikki's head in. It was so sudden, she chocked on me. She then deep-throat my 7-inch dick.

"Oh god... You're good... Am I really your first?"

Nikki nodded, and I believed her,"Okay, I trust you.... Mmm, Yeah... I going to ejaculate...."

Upon hearing that, she sucked even harder and made me cum. She swallowed them and licked my dick clean.

"Eww... It taste so different form my pussy juice..."

Really? I thought and got her to stand up. I ordered her to perform a strip-tease. She took off her black /tight/tight-top/">tight top and shorts.

"wow... You're so hot..." I said as I sucked on her petite nipples.

"Ohh yeah... It so good..."

After some 5 minutes, I squat down right in front of her cleanly shaved pussy.

"/pussy/cute-pussy/">cute pussy... And nicely took cared of..."

"Hey darling! Don't stare at it... It's embarrassing..."Nikki let out as her fingers circled around her nipples.

I went closer and smelt her aroma. It's so /sweet/">sweet. Her pussy was starting to sparkle and realized she was wet.

I went in and licked around her pussy.

"Darling... Don't tease me... Just eat it up... This is your dessert..."

I obeyed and licked her clit.

"Ah... Ah.. Hmm... Ah..."Nikki let out softly.

"Her pussy was getting wetter and I followed her pussy. I sucked on her pussy and she moaned even louder.I placed my tongue on her hole and her pussy twitched.

"Ah!! Hmm... Uh!!"Nikki moaned as I pushed my tongue in.

"It's so soft and tight and soo wet darling... You trained her well..."

I moved my tongue in and out and circled her wall with my lips sucking hard.

"Uhh!!! Uh!!! Ah!!! Hm... Ah!!! I-I-I I'm c-coming!!!"Nikki moaned as loud as a running water.

I felt my tongue being grabbed by her wall and felt a throbbed. My tongue was pushed out in an instant and water gushed out of her pussy.

"Ah... Ahh... My pussy... My pussy juice... Ah..."Nikki moaned. Her legs went jelly but she grabbed the dining table to stand.

I held her thigh to make she stood throughout her /ejaculation/">ejaculation. It was an amazing sight. Pussy juices gushing out from a shaved /cute/">cute pussy. After 3 minutes, her juices stopped gushing, but flowed out.

I moved below her dripping pussy and opened my mouth. I swallowed as fast as possible and pretty much drank all of those flowing juice, until milf porn videos it stopped.The area around us got really wet.

"Ah.. Ah... Ah... Uh..."Niki tried catching her breath.

Nikki released her hold and dropped to the floor. I kissed her passionately before she said "Let's drink up those juices," pointing at the wet floor.

I went straight to one side and she to the other. We started slurping up the juices. It was heaven, it taste like honey and made me craved for more.

After we cleaned the floor, Nikki brought my to the main room. She ordered me to lie down on the cold hard floor. She sat on me stomach facing my dick and slowly moved her ass to my face.

I got a quick glimpse of her /hole/ass-hole/">ass hole before her /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy came on top of my face. I knew what she wanted and began sucking her out.

"Hmm... yeah..."Nikki moaned before bending over to suck my dick.

It felt so awesome, doing some hot 69 with my maid. But I got startled when I heard some muffling sound. I rolled my eyes around and found where it cam from.

"Hm... yeah... ah..."It was the television. Nikki played the video from my 'spycam'.

I watched the video and got so horny and slipped my tongue in and out of her pussy at a fast pace. Nikki was enjoying everything- watching her fingering video and my quick tongue movement and sucking lips.

She gave me back the pleasure- caressing my balls with one hand and jerking my inner half of my dick. From the tip to the middle was her working tongue and lips.

"Ah!!! Uh!!! Hmm!!! Ah... Uh!!!" We moaned in synchronize to the video.

It was so hot, I felt my /semen/">semen moving.

"Nikki, I'm cumming darling... Darling Nikki!!!" I moaned.

"Me too... Uh... My G-spot!! Uh!!!" She replied.

We both came at the same time. We caught our breath, with her still on top of me. I turned around and sucked her nipples and she let her hips down. Her tight solid round ass had my dick in between them. I grabbed her ass cheek and pushed them to the center, tightening her grip on my dick.

I continued shifting her ass around with my dick in between and sucking her nipples at the same time.

"Ah... Ah... Ummm..." Nikki moaned, changing her moans from loud to soft.

After another few minutes, I came on her ass. She then hugged my tight and grabbed my waist with her crossed legs. Then she came again.

"Uh... Ah.. Ha... Ha... Ha..."We moaned and caught our breath.

Nikki got off me and sucked her pussy juice off me and I swallowed down my semen on her ass.

Then we cleaned up the wet floor with our mouth and went into our rooms. I got my towels and went out again, Nikki to. She got her towels and hugged me.

We then went arms in arms to the bathroom...