Closing Time Chapter 3

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Closing Time Chapter 3

When we returned to their place, Paul and Jessie kept to their end of the deal, offering their total submission to me. They also called Bobbi, their friend and co-worker, to invite her over for a little "/surprise/">surprise". She was a small Latina with short, silky, jet-black hair. She had a slight hint of a tomboyish nature, and had always given me the impression that she was either bi or a lesbian. Paul was confident that the former was the case. I hoped that he was right.

"If this doesnt work out, Ill find some other girl, I promise, Dan. You want 2 girls and a guy, and that you will have. I wouldnt want you to think that I lied just to save Pauls masculinity. I wonder, however, if you want the 4 of us to be exclusive or to include others now and then," Jessamine, or "Jessie", as people called her, commented.

"Just the 4 of us, if this works out. I doubt that I will have the energy to be chasing other /men/women-men/men-and-women/">men and women with 3 regular partners to satisfy," I noted..

"Excuse me? Whats this about, now? I come over here, and I find that one of the guys who frequents the bar is talking about having 3 regular partners to satisfy. Whats that supposed to mean? Paul, Jessie, and Dan, will the three of you let me on the whole joke or whatever else is going on?" Bobbis rather pleasing voice interrupted us.

"Uh, well, we have kind of a proposition for you, girl. I dont know what you will think of this, so if you turn it down, well drop the subject and never suggest it again. Well behave as if it was never even considered. We were discussing a group arrangement with us and you. Youd be one of 2 women, living with 2 men in a long-term relationship. This would be exclusive to others outside of the group. It would also be D/s. That is, anyone involved in it would have to submit to Dan here. Hes a top, a /master/">master, I believe," Jessie explained.

"Holy cow! Where did that idea come from? Are the two of you fucking Dan? Servicing him? Is he bisexual?" Bobbi tried to make sense of the whole, seemingly bizarre proposal that her friend had made to her.

"Yes to all of indian santali xvideo that. He swings both ways. So does Paul. So do I, in fact. We were hoping that youd be interested in it. Would it work for you?" the waitress probed.

"Well, Im a bit stunned. Im also very flattered. Im not half the babe that you are, Jessie. I dont have your long legs and great figure. I certainly dont have your pretty face. To be mentioned in the sentence with you in a sexual way is a compliment, let alone in that context. So, let me understand this correctly: the 4 of us would be married to each other, essentially. There would be no sex with anyone outside of the 4 way relationship. We would have regular sex with each other, all 4 of us. Dan would be in charge of it, with the rest of us obeying him. Is that right?" Bobbi demanded to know.

"Pretty much. Except that you might be 2nd in command. For the record, youre every bit as hot as Jessie. Each of you has your own sex appeal, believe me. Of course, my fondness for Latinas doesnt hurt your case, either. How does that sound?" I posed the question at last. She seemed curious, but I wanted to know, damn it!

"Well, I would not normally get into a serious relationship with a patron, but I cant say no this time. Something about this idea just fucking pleases me! After all, if I agree to this, my old rule wont be an issue. So, I suppose that Ill go with this plan youve cooked up.

"It will be an adjustment, but I have recently broken up with my lover, and I have dreaded the single scene anyway. I havent dreaded the sex, but I have been /scared/">scared of a new relationship. I have always been monogamous before, so I might get jealous now and then. Just be patient with me if I do, okay? I wont do anything stupid or break it off because of jealousy. If it doesnt work out, I will at least be able to say that Ive tried poly. I will give it a fair chance," Bobbi answered, albeit rather awkwardly.

She was still rather apprehensive about the whole idea, but she also seemed aroused by it. I alain lyle porn was pleasantly surprised that she seemed open to giving it a shot. The 4 of us could make it, I thought. It would be a dramatic change in our lives, but we would be going through at the same time. I would go from a skirt-chasing bachelor to a polygamist. Paul and Jessie would be leaving behind their mostly exclusive relationship with occasional swinging to become part of a plural marriage. Bobbi would deviate from her strictly monogamous past to take on multiple partners.

"Well, Im glad that youre willing to experiment, Bobbi. I hope that we can make it work, so the 4 of us can have a long, happy marriage together. Yes, I am aware that there is more to a marriage than sex. I am also aware that we cant formally marry more than one person. The best solution is to have a double wedding at some point, I think. Paul and Jessie can wed and you will legally become my wife. Between this point and that moment, youll have plenty of time to back out, if you decide that its not going to make you happy. The other marital arrangements will be informal, of course.

"I am also happy to see you have no problem with the BDSM part of it. Perhaps youve been in such a relationship in the past. I dont know if that is true. I am curious about that, but you can tell me in your own time. I also want you to know that whether or not you have kids with me will be a mutual decision. I wont expect you to have them. Jessie and I are planning to have a baby or two, but if you are going to be my 2nd-in-command, you need to have some rights that she doesnt have.

"There will certainly be not-so-glamorous aspects of our relationship, but that comes with the territory. We will each have responsibilities in this house, where we will all live together until we get a new place. I will be in charge, as we have said. You will be next in rank, and both Paul and Jessie must obey you the way that they would obey me when I am absent. One rule that I am imposing is that nobody smokes in this house. Smoking is punishable by a whipping. When I say whipping, I mean that. I dont mean spanking. Its a serious offense and will not be tolerated," I informed her.

Bobbi was a little startled at some of this information, mainly in regard to the pregnancy idea and the smoking ban. She knew that Jessie and Paul both smoked a bit, particularly Jessie. On the other hand, smoking during pregnancy was dangerous. The thing was that she assumed that Paul would be the father of any children born to Jessie. She wasnt aware that he was sterile.

"I smoke, but I suppose that I can try giving it up. Its not good for me anyway, and this idea intrigues me enough to give it a shot. I never knew that you had any interest in me, actually. Damn, I guess I was blind! I definitely want to have a baby, so Id have to give up smoking for that long anyway. What about Paul, out of curiosity? I would have thought that he would be the father of Jessies kids," she inquired.

Not wanting to humiliate Paul, I offered to let him explain it to her. He seemed ready, from the look on his face. Frankly, he was thinking with his dick, but I dont blame him. He had thoughts of fucking Bobbi or getting her to go down on him, most likely.

"Uh, Bobbi, Ive never told you the fact that I am sterile. It was a nuclear accident aboard a sub in the Navy. I can still fuck. I just cant have kids. I will probably raise Jessies kids by Dan, while he can raise any kids he has with you. That works for me anyway. Then again, we will all have a part in child-rearing. I guess that is one of the not-so-glamorous aspects of our group marriage. Like Dan, Im willing to take what comes with the poly thing, including the more routine elements," he admitted.

"Just for that, you get to be first to fuck Bobbi, if she is cool with it. I think that I will be busy knocking your girlfriend up. When Im done, we can swap. However, like I said, Bobbi will be in charge of you during the sex. I will be in charge of Jessie. You two will be a /submissive/">submissive couple serving a dominant one. You will fuck her in any way that she pleases until we are ready to swap. You and Jessie can work out who is in charge when you do each other, just as you probably do anyway," I announced, which pleased both Bobbi and Paul, it seemed to me.

"All right, Paul. You heard him. Take off your pants. I want you to fuck me cowgirl style and then eat your own cum from my cunt. Im going to ride your dick and make both of us cum. This way, Ill control the act, as it is our first time screwing each other," Bobbi commanded Paul. He didnt exactly protest, as he was eager to get his cock inside her smooth pussy.

Bobbi pulled off her own pants and simply slid onto Pauls cock. She made no move to lube it, as she was apparently wet enough already. She also threw off her tank top and let her small, sweaty breasts tantalize him. I had never seen her naked before, but she was just as delectable as I had pictured her while jacking off. Hispanic women have a certain earthy appeal that is hard to explain to someone who isnt into such things.