Masons crush The Beginning

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Masons crush The Beginning

?Yea, Chris, I can?t believe we lost, it would have only takes one goal for us to have4 won, that really sucks? said mason, who had just turned 18, ?well sorry man, hey me and a few friends are going out to eat, you want to come?? said Chris on the other end of the phone,? I guess don?t really have anything better to do, I will be right over? mason said as he /hung/">hung up the phone. ?Where did I put those keys? he got in his car and left up the road to Chris?s house.

Everyone was waiting for him when he got there. ?Hey guys what?s up??, ?were just trying to decide where we are going to eat, I was thinking about IHOP, what do you guys think??, said Chris, ?Hey mason by the way we need you to drive that ok??, ?yea I guess, but my car can only hold two people thought, who is going to ride with me?? mason said. ?Hey Jake ride with mason ok?? Mason blushed; secretly he had a crush on Jake, but was too shy to try anything. Jake was 18 and in the same grade as mason

?Ok? Jake said unsurely. They left for IHOP. ?So Jake, what do you like to do??, ?normally I just sit around and play my games? said Jake, ?hay mason you go a /girlfriend/">girlfriend?, ?no I don?t seem to have any luck?, mason closed his eyes and thought about how great it would be if he could express his true feelings to sexxxx video ful hd Jake, when he felt something warm against his lips, Jake had just kissed him. ?Oh No, I?m so sorry what was I thinking?, ?hey man no problem I like you too?, mason pulled his car behind an old abandoned department store, turned off the car, and mason and Jake kissed passionately until mason felt a tingle on his leg. His cell phone was ringing. ?Hey Chris, we got lost and went to somewhere else, we will catch you tomorrow ok?? said mason as he hung up,

?Hey Jake want to come back and spend the night at my place?? said mason,? I would love it, can I use your phone?? said Jake, He called his /mom/">mom ??hey mom I?m going to stay the night at a friends house ok?? she said I could stay lets go, ?mason drove to his house and parked his car in the garage. ?I need you to help me with something, come downstairs?, they went downstairs and mason showed Jake a cabinet with a padlock on it Jake helped mason carry it upstairs to his room. He mason got his keys and opened it there were dildos, Vaseline, and paddles inside, it looked like mason had been trying to stretch himself. ?Hey, you got anything to eat, maybe some chips?? said Jake. ? Look in the kitchen.??

Jake went to the kitchen; mason came up behind Jake and slapped his ass, ?Jake you need to be punished?, said mason as pleasure raced through jakes body. They went back to mason?s room mason pulled off Jake?s shirt and pants leaving only his boxers. Mason took off his pants and shirt and left only his /gym/">gym shorts from class. Mason liked to work out and was really well built. He could bench almost 200 LBS. Mason pulled off jakes boxers and looked at jakes body, jakes body was small, his cock was about 6 inches about normal for a 18 year old, ?Bend over Jake?, Jake bent over the side of mason?s bed and felt something leathery hit his ass, it was a ping-pong paddle from the cabinet.?

Mason spanked Jake with the paddle sending waves of pleasure though his body. Jakes ass was rosy red; he turned around and pulled off mason?s shorts, ?Oh My God, how do you hide that thing? said Jake, Mason?s cock was extremely large xxx sex video download free com for his age about 81/2 inches, and about as thick as a coke can.? Lie down mason? said Jake. Jake slowly licked masons chest, his pink nipples. Slowly he moved towards mason?s inner thigh. Mason moaned with pleasure. Jake started to lick at mason?s nuts, One and then the other. He moved his head up to mason?s cock and started to lick at the head, then pushed the whole thing down his throat trying to swallow it. He started to bob his head.?

Mason was simply dieing in pleasure. ?I?m GONNA ?? but did not get to finish mason exploded in jakes mouth filling it Jake tried to swallow every bit but could not keep up. By the time mason had finished jakes whole mouth was full. Jake swallowed and said ?I have got to have you in me?. Mason pushed Jake down on his bed and got some Vaseline from his cabinet and rubbed it all over Jake?s cock. He moved his hand up and down Jake was moaning in pleasure. ?Get up on all fours? apparently mason got his /erection/">erection back. ?The last thing I want to do it hurt you, tell me if I need to stop? he got some lube and rubbed it all over his /cock/huge-cock/">huge cock. Jake shivered; mason put his cock head to jakes ass hold and pushed very slowly. Jake felt the head go in and gasped. ?You ok?? mason said. ?Yea I?m fine? Jake said.?

Mason pushed into Jake all the way. Mason was ramming jakes ass, pumping him like nothing before. ?Oh God mason harder?. But mason stopped he had felt Jake?s prostate swell inside his ass and pushed Jake down on his be and took his jukes in his mouth. ?Assume the position Jake? mason said. Jake got back on all fours and mason drilled him. mason was pounding jakes ass with all his might.?

?OH GOD HERE IT COMES? mason pushed in all the way and cummed so much Jake felt his colon expand. ?I love you mason? said Jake, ?I love you too man? said Mason. And they fell asleep in each others arms.